The Frameless Advantage

Frameless cabinets combine modern, full-overlay, flush-fitting doors and drawers with unobstructed, full-access interiors that provide more storage and an organized space while providing superior strength, function, and style to meet any budget.

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Face-Frame vs Frameless Cabinets

Face-Frame Cabinet Construction (Framed):
  • 1.5 - 2-in hardwood face-frame, attached to front of cabinet box creates narrower cabinet openings, obstructed access, less storage space, and an interior cabinet “lip” that snags items.
  • Face-frame reduces drawer height, width, and capacity.
  • Face-frame overhang creates gaps between adjacent cabinets.

Frameless Cabinet Construction (Full-Access / Euro-Design):
  • 5/8-in box construction with solid full-top provides superior strength, structural precision, and countertop support.
  • Full-access interiors with greater accessibility, unobstructed by a frame.
  • More usable space in same box size.
  • Wider, taller drawers with more capacity and clearance.
  • Adjacent cabinets install flush without gaps.
  • Modern, clean look of full-overlay, flush-fitting doors and drawers.
  • Exposed box edges covered with edge banding.