Keep your cabinets looking great.

The beauty of real wood cabinets increases over time. Fine woods will take on their own unique patina, and depending on the wood species, color may evolve through the wood’s natural aging process. Our Sherwin Williams conversion varnish provides a durable and long lasting finish that protects your kithcen cabinets  from everyday household dirt and grime. 

To Best Maintain Your Wood Door’s Finish:

  • Clean with a soft dampened cloth using a mild soap solution and water.
  • Dry with a clean, soft cloth.  
  • DO NOT USE cleaners with petroleum, ammonia, alcohol, or abrasives.
  • Surface marks and scratches can be repaired by using the touch-up kit shipped with your cabinet order. 
  • If needed, color match caulking is available through Color Rite.



Textured Laminate, High-Gloss Laminate, and Thermofoil cabinet finishes provide durable easy to maintain surfaces. Cleaning should be performed using a soft cloth dampened with mild soap and warm water. Apply with a soft cloth and dry with a clean soft cloth. Do not use paper towels, especially on high-gloss finishes, as it can scratch the surface. Also, never ‘dry wipe’ laminate surfaces.


Each Latitude Cabinet remodel or new construction cabinet order is shipped with a touch-up kit that includes color matched fill sticks and marker. These are to be used to fill pin holes, surface marks, and scratches. Depending upon the stain and wood, the two putty sticks need to be blended to the final color.

The finishing touch.

A successful and beautiful installation of custom frameless kithen cabinets requires proper door and drawer adjustments. These fine-tuning adjustments are the responsibility of the installer and all adjustments can be performed with a Phillips head screwdriver. Drawer fronts are adjustable by different methods, depending on the drawer system.  

*Be sure to adjust the doors BEFORE drilling for handles or knobs.


A. Left & Right Door Adjustment:
Turn this screw for horizontal (left or right) door adjustments. Use this to align the reveals, or gaps, between adjacent doors and drawers. Proper door alignment usually requires adjusting upper and lower hinges (and middle hinge on tall cabinets).
WATCH: Left & Right Door Adjustment

B. Up & Down Door Adjustment:
Loosen both screws on each door hinge to allow for vertical door adjustment. Support the weight of the door with one hand while lifting or lowering the door into alignment with the other.  Tighten all screws when adjustment is complete.
WATCH: Up & Down Door Adjustment

C. In & Out Door Adjustment:
Loosen this screw to manually move the door in or out.  Use this to adjust the door so it evenly contacts the cabinet box at top and bottom. Tighten screw when adjustment is complete.
WATCH: In &  Out Door Adjustment

D. Remove & Replace Door:
Easily remove the door by pressing quick release mechanism/button located at the back of the hinge. To replace the door, align the hinge over the hinge plate and press firmly until the locks back into place.
Note: This process does not interfere with hinge adjustments.
WATCH: Remove & Replace Hinge/Door

ACCESS WOOD DRAWER (standard drawer style)

A. Adjust Drawer Face Alignment:
Rotate adjustment tabs to raise or lower drawer box slightly on each end. 

B. Remove Drawer:
Pull drawer completely open. On drawer box bottom, squeeze release levers and lift up to remove.

Replace Drawer:
1. Pull drawer guides all the way out and lay drawer box on glides.
2. Gently close drawer box until guides ‘snap’ into place.
Note: It may require pulling the actual glides forward to complete the 'snap' in connection.

WATCH: Access Drawer Adjustment

SATINO DRAWER (optional drawer style)

A. Remove Plastic Cover to Expose Adjustment Area:

B. Left & Right Drawer Adjustment: 
Turn screw (right-hand drawer side only), to make horizontal (left or right) adjustments to drawer face.

C. Up & Down Drawer Adjustment:
Turn screw to raise/lower the drawer face.

D. Remove Drawer Face:
Turn screw on each drawer side to release the drawer face from the drawer box.

E. Remove Drawer:
Pull drawer box forward while lifting both tabs (1 on each side) to disengage the drawer box from guides.

Replace Drawer:
1. Pull drawer guides all the way out and lay drawer box on glides.
2. Gently close drawer box until guides ‘snap’ into place.
Note: It may require pulling the actual glides forward to complete the snap in connection.

WATCH: Satino Drawer Adjustment