Keep your cabinets looking great.


The beauty of real wood cabinets increases with time. Fine woods will take on their own unique patina and, depending on the wood species, color may evolve through the wood’s natural aging process. Our Sherwin Williams conversion varnish topcoat provides a durable and long lasting satin-luster finish that protects the wood from typical household dirt and grime. 

To Best Maintain Your Wood Door’s Finish:

  • Occasionally clean using a soft cloth dampened with a mild soap solution.
  • Wipe with a clean towel dampened with water only.
  • Dry with a soft cloth.  
  • DO NOT USE petroleum type cleaners or those containing ammonia, alcohol, or abrasives. 
  • Surface marks and scratches can easily be repaired by using the touch-up kit shipped with your cabinet order. 
  • If required, color match caulking is available through Color Rite (



Textured Laminate, High-Gloss Laminate (PET), Sculpted Laminate and Thermofoil cabinet faces provide a durable easy to maintain surface. Regular cleaning should be performed using a soft cloth dampened with mild soapy water. Apply with a soft cloth and dry with a clean soft cloth. Do not use paper towels, especially on high-gloss finish laminates, as the wood pulp in the paper can leave abrasive marks on the surface. Also, never ‘dry wipe’ laminate surfaces.


Each Latitude Cabinet order is shipped with a touch-up kit that includes color matched fill sticks and marker. These are to be used to fill pin holes, surface marks, and scratches. Depending upon the stain and wood, the two putty sticks need to be blended to the final color.

(TIP: Warming the putty sticks with low heat will facilitate that process.)


This latex based color-matched caulking is available in over 450 colors. A 5.5oz tube will cover approximately 55 lineal feet with a 1/8" bead. Use it to fill mitered joint gaps, nail or screw holes, dents, & more.

Color Rite has all of our stain and paint color samples on hand, and can provide a very close match right from their expansive inventory.  They can even create custom matches if needed.

To Order:
1. Contact Color Rite: / / 1-855-82CAULK
2. Provide brand name (Latitude Cabinets)
3. Provide wood species or paint finish
4. Provide color name

Download: Latitude Cabinet Care (PDF)